Module 8: Email


Hosting accounts allow you to setup email accounts using your domain name.  For example,  The storage space you have your account also include the storage space you have for email.

If you use your email a lot or send and receive attachments, we recommend using a 3rd party service like Tutanote, G Suite or Zoho to host your email.  Then you get more storage space and if something happens to your hosting account it won’t affect your email.

Lecture Topics:

  • What is email
  • Email security and surveillance
  • Email with cPanel
  • 3rd Party Email providers
  • MX Records



  • Research 5-10 different email providers that let you use custom domain names.  Compare features and pricing.
  • Try setting up an email account in cPanel
  • Practice configuring your MX Records to point to a 3rd party email provider


  • Explain the pros and cons of hosting email on the same server as your web site versus using a 3rd party email provider.
  • Choose and justify which you think is the best email provider for a personal website, small business and large corporations.

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