About Web Hosting for Students

Professor Zac Gordon, Owner of Web Hosting for Students

From Humble Beginnings

Prof. Zac Gordon started Web Hosting for Students in 2005 while teaching high school and college web design and development.

Prof. Gordon had a decade of experience running a web design agency and hosting company. He immediately recognized the need schools had for quality hosting and support.

What began as hosting sites for a few students turned into offering larger plans to his vast network of teachers. Within a few years, schools from around the world were relying on Web Hosting for Students to host all of their student websites.

To the Global Leader in Student Web Hosting

Today, Web Hosting for Students is the leading and longest standing web hosting provider for schools and colleges that teach web design and development.

The company has always strived to keep their deep care for schools at the center of every decision they make. From how accounts are allocated, to how billing is handled, to how support will do everything they can to help out a student, Web Hosting for Students puts schools first in a way no other hosting company does.

We look forward to supporting your students and their journey learning one of the most valuable skills taught in schools – how to build on the web!