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Module 3: Domain Name System (DNS)


The domain name system (DNS) tells your domain name what hosting account to connect to.  An example of a DNS would be ns1webhostingforstudents.net and ns2webhostingforstudents.net.

When you get a hosting account it will tell you the DNS for the server.  Then you would add these DNS settings to your domain name with your domain name registrar.

Lecture Topics

  • What DNS Does
  • Updating the DNS for a Domain Name
  • What is DNS Propagation
  • Domain Name Provider
  • Hosting Provider



  • Purchase a domain name and hosting account to use for this course. (We recommend Web Hosting for Students).
  • Point the domain name DNS to your hosting account
  • Login to your hosting control panel and look around the control panel
  • Figure out how to open a support ticket
  • Try accessing your site using the IP address or temporary URL (if provided)


  • Successfully configure a domain name and hosting account. You may have already done this in the practice.
  • Diagram how DNS works in relation to IP address, Domain Names, Hosting Servers and visitors to websites.

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