Priced for Students

Part of our dedication to education means putting out a product that students can afford. We have worked hard to develop partnerships that let us offer our hosting plans starting at just $3/month, an often unmatched bargain in the industry. Yet thanks to these partnerships, what we offer is of the highest quality.

Not Just for .edu Students

We know that learning web design and development today often means doing so outside of the confines of the classroom. Unlike other student hosting providers, we don’t limit accounts to students with .edu emails. Our students learn at a huge range of sites, schools and services.

Female Student on Laptop
Our web hosting servers

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting involves placing your website content on special computers, called servers, that are continually connected to high speed Internet and let people from all over the world access them.

Along with a hosting account, you get a domain name, like  This works as an address for people to be able to access your files on our hosting servers.

A hosting account and domain name work together to let you upload, display and access your online content.

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