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Module 1: Web Hosting


When you order a hosting account you get access to a special type of computer called a server.  This server lets you upload files to display on your site and lets other people access your site via your domain name.

Hosting accounts come in different sizes, which determines how many files and media you can have on your site and how many people can visit the site each month.  These measurements are called disk space and bandwidth.

Lecture Topics:

  • What is a server
  • Disk Space, Bandwidth & RAM
  • Shared, VPS, Dedicated and the “Cloud”



  • Make a list of 10 different hosting companies of your choice (you may want to include Web Hosting for Students for comparison).
  • Look at the different types of hosting they offer (Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud)
  • Compare the plans for each type of hosting
  • Discuss with a partner how you would rate the different providers


Create a table that compares the different offerings, prices and features for the different companies.  Write an overview of what hosting providers you would choose for a personal site, a large business site and a media site that gets millions of hits per day.

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