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Module 5: File Transfers


If you build a site from scratch you will need to upload your files to your hosting account.  You can do this via cPanel, but it is more common to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

FTP Software lets you drag and drop files from your computer onto your server.  SFTP does the same thing, but with an added layer of security protecting your login credentials and content transferred.

Secure Shell (SSH) lets you access your server using command line software like Terminal.  If you learn more advanced development you may use SSH along with version control software like Git.

Lecture Topics

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • S/FTP Software
  • SSH
  • Github and Repositories
  • File management in cPanel



  • Upload and update files using S/SFTP
  • Access your site using SSH
  • Setup a Github repo and push it to your site


  • Teacher can choose from accessing ability to transfer files using S/FTP, SSH, and/or Git

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