My New Site Doesn’t Load!

If You Purchased Domain Name with Us

When you purchase a new domain name and hosting account together with us it can take a couple of hours (1-2 usually, 48 max) for you to be able to access your new site. This has to do with your DNS taking effect.

You can double check the DNS settings for your domain in the Domains section of your account.  The proper DNS settings were sent in the original Account Setup and Login email.

If You Purchased Domain Name Somewhere Else

If you purchased a domain name elsewhere and have a hosting account with us, you have to update the DNS Settings for the domain name before your new site will load. You should have the correct DNS from your Account Setup and Login email.

Either way

Try to clear your browser cache and flush your local DNS cache if you cannot connect after a little while of waiting.

If That Doesn’t Work

Please ping the following (here are some instructions for help):


If the ping fails, please send us the results along with your IP address.