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Hey WH4S Customers!

Our Technical PartnersWe’re looking at changing our servers around and we want to get your feedback on your current experience. How is your experience with your hosting package so far? How do you feel about the speed of your site and about our products in general? Let us know if you have any feedback below using our quick 5-question survey. If you’d like to remain anonymous, feel free to leave the name and email fields blank.

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In other WH4S news, if you’ve signed up to beta test our cPanel course, it’s finally ready! You’ll be hearing from Amber today with the link to the class.

Finally, stay tuned for next week’s follow-up to our interview with Laurence Bradford!


We Want to Hear About You!

A strong messageShout it from the rooftop, shout it in the streets – you’re the reason we continue to succeed here at WH4S and why we do what we do!

We have a ton of great teachers and students here using our hosting solutions. Now it’s your opportunity to tell us a little more about you. Share your portfolio with us and get 10GB of extra bandwidth for free! Plus of course, bragging rights that your portfolio was featured on a showcase!

Show Us What You’ve Got!

Many of you have asked about your affiliate program link. When you sign up with us, you should receive your affiliate link right away in an email. If for any reason you don’t get this link, please let Amber know! Our affiliate program is a killer way to earn summer cash and we’d love to have you.

We’re still taking requests to beta test our cPanel course! We have a good number of people testing it out so far. We’re still shooting for a preview/release this week, but please bear with us! We’ll let you know more information as we have it.  We’d love to keep you in mind if you’re interested.

Thanks so much for being a part of our company! We appreciate your business and are always here if you have questions or need help.


-The WH4S Team

Affiliate Program Back Online!

Group of people talking to each other

Group of people talking to each other

We’re super excited to share our most recent news – our affiliate program is 100% back online!

In case you haven’t signed up with us before, here’s the skinny: Each time you tell a friend, family member or colleague about our products, you get 20% of the sale. This can really add up. Because our hosting products are some of the most affordable out there and designed for students, it’s an easy sale – and each time you do make a sale, you get paid!

We pay out on the last day of the month via PayPal and will deposit whatever money you request into your account at the end of each month. With school in session again in the fall, it’s a great way to make some extra cash!


Teachers, we have a special program for you too! Check it out here!
We’re committed to your success! If you have any problems signing up or any questions, please contact Amber at And current affiliates, look out for your first set of creatives to help you promote your affiliate link! They will be hitting your inbox next week.

How to Keep Your Site Secure

Digital safety blue conceptThere’s plenty of incentive to making sure your site is as secure as possible. From our end, we do everything we can to make sure state-of-the-art technology and hardware are up to standards. We’re one of the top website providers out there when it comes to making sure everything is up to date and we’re running one of the best server systems possible in terms of quality and integrity.

However, no matter how advanced the host or hosting program, website installs can still be vulnerable. We’ve talked before about recommending a website like WordPress. Web Hosting for Students is great when you’re using an easy to manage CMS like WordPress; however there are some security vulnerabilities you should be aware of, no matter what CMS or structure you decide to run your site on.

First of all, not all CMS systems will auto-update. It’s important to keep a consistent backup of your website files. If you’re on WordPress, this also includes using the WordPress Export Tool to download your database so you don’t lose all your content. Make sure you also use a backup plugin! Because of space constraints, you’ll really only want to save 1-2 backups.

You’ll want to click and follow prompts that encourage you to update WordPress or your CMS, making sure you have a backup of what’s already on your site for safekeeping.

It’s important to keep your site updated. As your CMS provider identifies security vulnerabilities, the software will be updated to reflect new security measures. You don’t want to mess around with site security!

It’s also important to use secure passwords. It might seem like a pain, but the longer your password and the more special characters and variation you use, the less likely the chances of a hacker getting into your site or someone you know logging into your website. You should also try to vary up your password across services to add and maintain that extra level of security.

If you’re using WordPress, try to stick to only the minimum amount of plugins you need. Plugins have the tendency to conflict with one another or even with an updated version of WordPress, so make sure to check your site after any new plugin installation or site update!

One last note: We are now offering FREE SSL!!! which you can activate for your account within cPanel by going to “Let’s Encrypt SSL”. Let us know if you have any questions!

Creating a Student Website: Why Use CMS Systems?

student web hostingCreating a website doesn’t have to be painful. You can also individualize content and create your own student website without having to know how to code. There are plenty of ways to get your information out there on the web – whether you’re looking at building a site for projects, a blog or vlog, starting your own business or featuring a portfolio. There are more ways to do it than you’d believe – and if you have questions on how to get started, we’re here to help!

CMS stands for content management system. To make it simple, this is how you’ll add and manage content on your website. Everything that you’ll feature on your site is considered content, whether we’re talking about pictures, videos or text. So the first step is deciding what type of content you’d like to feature. The second is pushing that content out there.

WordPress. One of the most – if not THE most recognized and popular CMS system, WordPress is easy to use and install and super flexible. WordPress gives fairly easy to follow instructions and there are forums out there to help you if you’re not technically proficient on the back end.

Joomla. Once you get it installed, you can use its drag and drop interface to configure your site to look how you want. Both WordPress and Joomla work on “theme” type systems where you can add a skin to your website that allows the look to be completely customized. There’s very little guesswork – for both, you just swap your own information into the existing info that’s in your theme or skin.

User note – we tend to like WordPress a little better due to less learning curve and flexibility. Keep this in mind!

WooCommerce. If you’re going with WordPress, Woo has a fun and flexible platform that will allow you to sell your wares direct from your own website. It’s fairly easy to install and use, so why not give it a shot? In the “Plugins” section of your WordPress dashboard, do a search for Woocommerce plugins and take a look at all the user-friendly, easy-to-configure options they offer.

Read more about where our students come from, and check out your plans below!

$3 Month
$36 Annually
1 Website
3 GB Disk Space
100 GB Bandwidth
3 Databases
$6 Month
1 Month Free When Paid Annually
3 Websites
10 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Databases
Billed Annually
Unlimited Websites
50 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
WHM and cPanel Access

What Can I Create?


Never made your own website? We’re glad to help! The possibilities are endless – whether you’re working on your own personal project or gearing up for Fall of 2016, Web Hosting for Students is happy to help you think of some ideas for your first (or second! or third!) website or web project.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Your Band Website. Produce your own music or take part in your own band? WHFS domains and web space can be used to install various CMS as well as a stand alone website. These sites can be integrated with Bandcamp, Soundcloud or other music apps to ensure you don’t exceed bandwidth and you keep your new fans up-to-date on shows.


An Art Portfolio. If you’re an artist – whether you’re interested in painting, photography or fashion, WHFS is proud to offer CMS capabilities for sites like WordPress. With WordPress comes a world of possibilities, including easily creating and uploading your own online portfolio. If you haven’t yet decided what late-summer internship to go for or you’re considering your class creation possibilities for next year, you’ll find your online portfolio easy to update and useful. It’s also a great idea to have your portfolio site in place when you print out your next set of business cards.


A blog or showcase for your personal writings. It’s easy to set up a blog or even vlog, especially if you’re linking from somewhere like Youtube. Your thoughts are easy to capture and record even from a smartphone or tablet when you have the space online to store them. Whether you’re interested in sharing a travel blog or vlog, talking about future art or personal projects or recording your adventures with friends or family, a blog or vlog is a great choice to record your life. You can also hook social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter to your blog.


No matter how you choose to show off your style, having your own space on the web that you maintain and control is super easy with Web Hosting for Students. Our plans and pricing are as affordable as they come, and our customer service and support aim high to get what you need. Get ready for summer’s end now and start working on and showcasing your best online before the next school season is under way!

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