What Can I Create?


Never made your own website? We’re glad to help! The possibilities are endless – whether you’re working on your own personal project or gearing up for Fall of 2016, Web Hosting for Students is happy to help you think of some ideas for your first (or second! or third!) website or web project.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Your Band Website. Produce your own music or take part in your own band? WHFS domains and web space can be used to install various CMS as well as a stand alone website. These sites can be integrated with Bandcamp, Soundcloud or other music apps to ensure you don’t exceed bandwidth and you keep your new fans up-to-date on shows.


An Art Portfolio. If you’re an artist – whether you’re interested in painting, photography or fashion, WHFS is proud to offer CMS capabilities for sites like WordPress. With WordPress comes a world of possibilities, including easily creating and uploading your own online portfolio. If you haven’t yet decided what late-summer internship to go for or you’re considering your class creation possibilities for next year, you’ll find your online portfolio easy to update and useful. It’s also a great idea to have your portfolio site in place when you print out your next set of business cards.


A blog or showcase for your personal writings. It’s easy to set up a blog or even vlog, especially if you’re linking from somewhere like Youtube. Your thoughts are easy to capture and record even from a smartphone or tablet when you have the space online to store them. Whether you’re interested in sharing a travel blog or vlog, talking about future art or personal projects or recording your adventures with friends or family, a blog or vlog is a great choice to record your life. You can also hook social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter to your blog.


No matter how you choose to show off your style, having your own space on the web that you maintain and control is super easy with Web Hosting for Students. Our plans and pricing are as affordable as they come, and our customer service and support aim high to get what you need. Get ready for summer’s end now and start working on and showcasing your best online before the next school season is under way!

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