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Nina Lee

Nina Lee

I learned how to be a front-end developer at Treehouse. With the skills I learned, I am able to implement my own design!


Leandro Dornelas

Hi, I’m Leandro Dornelas and I am a System Analyst in Brazil. I am moving to Vancouver, Canada on March 2016 to study at BCIT.

Gary Miskimmons

Gary Miskimmons

Working as a  designer & developer it’s important for me to keep improving my knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, Design and WP.

Paul Hirschi

Paul Hirschi

Frustrated with the out of date curriculum for Web Design I found in college, I started courses in Web Design from teamtreehouse.com in 2013. Since then I have absorbed as much knowledge from them and other online sources as I could.

I now apply my skills working for myself. Recent projects include custom WordPress & e-commerce builds. I recently just landed my largest contract with a major medical clinic doing their Web Design, SEO and Blogging platform build.

I love my work. Life is awesome.

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Featured Students

Robert Garcia Jr.

I love Designing and Developing fully responsive websites using Front-end and Back-end languages: HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript, JQuery, PHP for multiple browsers, platforms, and devices, with a keen focus on usability, search engine optimization, site performance and scalability.


Aung Naing Oo

Hi, I am a final year undergrad student from Nanyang Technological University from the faculty of Computer Science. Thanks in advance for checking out my web page.

Arash Emadi

I learned web development through some of TreeHouse courses and I’m now the web development manager of a Christian organization. I develop web in PHP and I also develop apps for iOS and Android.

Randy Reyes

Without any education in computer science, I had to find ways to learn how to become a web developer on my own. I found the best online coding school, Treehouse, and they recommended Web Hosting for Students. With patience, dedication, and diligence, I hosted a professional web portfolio and now all of my friends wants me to build their website!

Thank you Web Hosting for Students for helping me embark on this new career path!

phil shannon

Phil Shannon

I studied PHP, JavaScript and Drupal at Epicodus, a bootcamp in Portland, OR. I’ve also been learning HTML and CSS on my own for the last ten years. Currently, I’m working on learning Java (through Epicodus) and Node (through Free Code Camp).

chris smith

Chris Smith

I am a humble student of the web. I have been learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript with Treehouse. More recently, I’ve been getting stuck into WordPress.

On the side I’ve experimented with the Raspberry Pi and Python.

My portfolio represents some of what I learn for personal reflection but hopefully others may have a gander.


Pauline Hillborn

After designing clothes for the past fifteen years, I recently veered off into the amazing, digital world of coding and web development. I graduated from General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive, and I am teaching myself a bevy of new languages and skills using Treehouse. I’m always looking for a creative, interesting adventure, and an opportunity to learn new things.


Maria P. Arrilucea

I learned WordPress at Treehouse and created my site where I offer UI, UX and information architecture services

Kavita Singh

I’m a storyteller and content strategist based in San Francisco Bay Area.

Ca Nguyen

I learned Web Design, HTML & CSS, Graphic & UX Design.
at the University of Louisville and Treehouse to create my website.

Orlando Alvarez

Orlando Alvarez

I’m a professional percussionist, freelance music producer, and educator, I have learned a lot about web design and how to work with CSS and HTML and I keep learning today in order to improve my web presence.

Mike Constantino

Mike Constantino

My name is Mike Constantino and I am a Front End Developer and Designer based in Orlando, FL. This is my portfolio, along with my weekly blog!

Oliver Fredriksen

Oliver Fredriksen

Artist portfolio with contact information

Tony Vuko

Tony Vukosavljevic

I like to merge art and fashion. Whether it’s from simple neon patterns put on dresses, creating pop idol currency bills, to glitch art, I always love to think of new ways to create art. I have been teaching myself Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years and am improving each and every day with new tutorials and helpful tips from people.

Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

I’ve been learning about mobile development in teamtreehouse.com and udacity.com since 2014.


Jose Manuel Martinez Lopez

I’ve learned web development, iOS development, Java, C#, game development and android development.

morgan mckie

Morgan H.McKie

Just sharing my work so I can get famous.

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