Professional Hosting Dedicated to Students

Host school assignments, side projects, personal portfolios and even sites for a client or two.

SIGN UP - $25/YR

Our Plan Explained

We have worked with educators and students from around the world to design the perfect plan for web students.

Host HW, School Assignments, Portfolio Sites and more

Our plan provides space and bandwidth to host school assignments, personal projects, portfolio, and even a client site or two.

We charge $25 a year, less than any of the quality shared hosting providers. We can charge less, and still provide the highest quality, because we host students, not web design companies and large businesses.

cPanel, WordPress, Ruby

The technical specs for our plan include 1GB disk space, 10GB bandwidth, cPanel, 1-click WordPress install, and support for major web languages like PHP and Ruby on Rails. We have tested these specs with hundreds of students, who work well within these allocations.

We follow the industry standard and suggest optimizing your images and hosting your email, music and videos with 3rd party services to ensure issues or spikes in one area don't affect the others (plus the potential social benefit for media).

Schools Represented

Industry Schools

4 Year Universities

International Schools

Community Colleges

Secondary School Districts

This list does not necessarily represent formal partnerships with individual schools. It represents students who attended these schools while hosting with us.

Support Provided


How to setup your domain name with web hosting for students

90% of our support tickets deal with these two questions:

  1. How do I setup my domain name?
  2. Why can't I login to my control panel?

We have clearly explained answers to these questions and will happily answer these as well as any other questions related to the functioning of your hosting account.

Web hosting for students support ticket system

To provide support we use an online ticketing system. We work within a 1-4 hour response time based on the time of the day EST.

Unfortunately we cannot provide phone support or support for 3rd party services and software. We would love to, but our student level prices don't allow us to at this time.

About Us

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon started Web Hosting for Students in 2009, while teaching high school and college web design. He found that most students did not have good options for hosting. Either their schools offered limited or no hosting, professional plans were to expensive, or they just didn't understand enough about hosting to know where to start.

Zac Gordon, Owner of Web Hosting For Students

What began as Zac offering hosting to his own students and teacher friends, soon turned into the first hosting company solely dedicated to students and teachers. He handled most of the network administration and support, pulling in other professionals when needed.


In 2012 Zac started teaching at Treehouse, an online technology school. Treehouse students had long requested special hosting just for students.

The folks at Treehouse approached Web Hosting for Students to form a partnership, and began working out a special arrangement for Treehouse students to receive a discount. Now, Treehouse members get 1 month free!


To scale the company from hundreds of students to tens of thousands required some major server and support upgrades. Zac had previously hosted students through the same company he used to host client sites. Now, he set out to find a true partnership with an amazing hosting company that could accomidate the type of traffic and support he excepted.

After a lot of research and discussions with some of the bigger names in hosting, Zac choose Siteground. He had two primary reasons for his choice: 1) Siteground is awesome company with great people who are passionate about what they do, heavily involved in the web community, and genuinely interested in helping web students. 2) Siteground is the first company to create shared hosting plans that are truly isolated from one another. This prevents spikes in one student's RAM or bandwith from affecting other students in the same class or on the same server.